Hingham or Danbury Mutual


To report a claim during business hours, Hingham or Danbury Mutual’s process is for policyholders to call the claim in directly to their company.

Hingham or Danbury Mutual Claims: (800) 341-8200

After contacting Hingham or Danbury Mutual Claims, please call our agency at (508) 460-0800 about your claim so we can get a record of your claim, provide advice and assist you in getting you back what you deserve as quickly possible.

Emergency Claims

After Hours Emergency Claims: (800) 972-5399

Public Adjusters

Note: You may be approached by public adjusters!! They do not work for any insurance companies. We do not recommend that you deal with any of them. They generally slow down the claim process and take between 5-10% of every dollar that your insurance company pays you. You are insured with a good company that pays claims promptly and fairly.

Remember, our agency is here to help and assist you in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.


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